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ArtfulBits Calendar

ArtfulBits Calendar Web Part provides with three key benefits:

-Multisource support. Calendar Web Part combines events from different Micrsoft® SharePoint® Lists, from any SharePoint Site, in one Calendar view.

-Using different colors for events. Calendar Web Part allows specifying different color sets for events type of your need or use default one.

-On-the-Fly AJAX-enabled features, including adding, editing, dragging, resizing and deleting events in Microsoft® Outlook® 2007 like style.

Additionally Web Part uses AJAX functionality for calendar standard commands, such as Expand All, Collapse All, change calendar view, data navigation, etc. Another Calendar Web Part nice advantage is supporting all SharePoint standard themes.

ArtfulBits Calendar Web Part is user friendly and has simple interface (as standard SharePoint calendar), allowing users to easily create new calendar events with a single click! Editing features make working with SharePoint easy and pleasant. To change the date of an event, you simply drag and drop it to the appropriate calendar cell. To change the event time frame, simply resize the event to the correct duration of the event. Useful addition is the customizable extended tooltip, that allows to track selected event's properties.

Why ArtfulBits Calendar Web Part?

ArtfulBits Calendar Web Part can be used instead of built-in SharePoint Calendar. It provides with powerful capabilities for much convenient events manipulation.

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