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Convert JPG to WMV, JPG to AVI, image sequence to video using Image To Video SDK. Provides about 100 transition effects and .NET and ActiveX interfaces.


- Ready to use methods to load JPG, BMP, PNG images and convert them to WMV, AVI video with 2D and 3D transition effects!
- Royalty-free distribution along with your product/application (Developer License is required);
- Includes .NET and ActiveX interfaces;
- Provides lot of 2D and 3D slide transition effects to generate video slideshow
- Supports JPG, PNG, BMP images as input;
- You can set slide duration, in and out effects duration, transition effect type;
- Can set audiotrack from external audio file (mp3, wav);
- Supports background color and background image for video slideshow;

This image to video conversion SDK helps to convert image sequence to AVI or WMV video much easier in your desktop or web application.

Status: In stock
Manufacturer: Bytescout
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