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TinyTERM Pro for iOS

TinyTERM Pro for iPad provides 22 exact DEC, Wyse, IBM and ADDS terminal emulations for secure access to UNIX, Linux, VMS, Pick, Unidata and other systems. Comprehensive RSA/DSA key generation and management, combined with SSH and telnet protocols, allow very secure access over cellular or Wi-Fi networks.

TinyTERM Pro is designed for non-technical users or uses where pre-configured, fully automated application access is required. Secure application access can be automated for deployment into the field where users have no knowledge of the connection process.

Enhanced Capabilities
TinyTERM Pro enhances Century's TinyTERM ITX 2 terminal emulator capabilities by adding support for printing, ADDS Viewpoint emulation, on-screen keyboard remapping, macro recording, and automation capabilities including auto-login, auto-connect, auto-reconnect, prevent disconnect and one-touch startup.

The new ADDS Viewpoint VP/60 terminal emulation allows access to a large set of legacy systems previously without a mobile solution, including Pick, Unidata and Universe business and retail management systems.

Terminals Emulated
ADDS: ADDS Viewpoint VP/60
Digital: VT100, VT220, VT320, VT420
ANSI: ANSI 3.64, SCOANSI, AT386, Linux
Wyse/TVI: Wyse 50, Wyse 60, Televideo TVI912, 925, 950
IBM: 3151, 3101
Other: ADM1

Print using AirPrint and Email
Emulator screen contents as well as host transparent print data streams can now be sent to AirPrint printers, as well as redirected to an email attachment, for saving or sending to others. Print jobs can be combined with our internal spooler, as well as configured for multiple virtual print devices.

Host transparent printing allows wireless printing to a local nearby printer without host reconfiguration as the iPad's location is changed. Options allow grouping of print or screen data into single or separate print jobs or emails.

Reliable automation allows one-touch connections
TinyTERM Pro allows fully automated connections to remote applications using its sophisticated macro record/playback, auto-connect and auto-login capabilities. Macro recording and playback allow the interaction between the user and the remote application to be recorded and later played back to automate the process. Username, password and other information can be stored separately or prompted for, so that configurations can be pre-built without including sensitive information, and deployed to large user groups. An auto-connect option allows connecting immediately after the user starts TinyTERM Pro, and auto-login will execute any pre-defined macro. The net result is that you can build one-touch solutions to accessing your remote application resources.

Configurations can be set to automatically reconnect, or prevented from accidental disconnection, for ease of use in mission critical applications.

Macros can prompt for private information
Macros can prompt for usernames or passwords and associated with various configurations so that a pre-built single set of configurations can be prepared and sent to multiple users, and then automatically save personalized login information. Macros can also be assigned to keystrokes to help navigate complex applications.

Onscreen Keyboard Remapping
An on-screen user interface allows all of TinyTERM Pro's custom keyboards to remap keys to an automated action, a macro, or a sequence of characters, allowing maximum flexibility for automating or customizing a process during host access.

What's New in Version 1.0.0

- ADDS Viewpoint VP/60
- Text screen print to AirPrint and email
- Host transparent print to AirPrint and email
- Macro record/playback to automate connecting and host application startup
- Macro can prompt for username/password or store separately in connection info
- Auto-connect on start allows one-touch connectivity from iPad home screen
- Auto-login on connect associates macro with connect/login sequence
- Auto-reconnect option re-establishes connection and auto-login if dropped
- Prevent disconnect option enforces proper host system/application logoff
- On-screen UI for remapping keys to actions, macros and character strings


- Secure SSH and telnet access over WiFi, cellular and VPN networks
- Precise emulation of 21 VT, ANSI, Wyse and IBM terminal types
- Very complete emulation including line draw characters and UTF-8 Unicode support
- Support for background terminal sessions
- Comprehensive RSA/DSA key generation and management. Export public key via email and clipboard
- Very simple and easy-to-use user interface supports multiple connection profiles
- Ability to change emulator settings without disconnecting

Emulator Display

- Resizable text font using pinch/zoom for readability
- Scrollable viewport for larger text or scrollback for previous text
- Transparent keyboard option for continuous full screen visibility
- Tap and hold to highlight text and start copy/paste selection
- Terminal screen always fully visible when typing using scaleable fonts. Larger display when keyboard dismissed if desired
- Configurable lines and columns with scaleable or fixed fonts and 132x80 modes
- Configurable emulator screen resizing when keyboard shown and hidden, with separate settings for portrait, landscape and keyboard layouts
- Always-on scrollback buffer using single finger swipe

External Keyboards

- Bluetooth and external docking keyboards supported
- Function keys, arrow keys and all control keys supported
- External keyboard keycode remapping supported for differing codepage/locales
- Onscreen mini-keyboard when using Bluetooth and dock keyboards with missing keys

Keyboard Layouts

- Enhanced onscreen custom terminal emulator keyboards facilitate rapid data entry
- Custom programmable keyboards in VT220, IBM3151, Numeric 10-key and PC 101-key English, Spanish, French and German layouts
- Keyboards include function/arrow keys, Ins/Del/Home/End/PgUp/PgDn, Tab, Esc, Ctrl, locking Shift/Ctrl/Caps
- Codepage support for over 25 locales including CP 437/1251/1252, ISO 8859-1/8859-2 and many more
- Configurable foreground/background/cursor color, hostname, user, port
- "Default" configuration allows specifying initial settings for new configurations
- Dropbox and iTunes syncing with desktop for connection, code page and keyboard settings
- Fonts rendered internally for crystal-clear type in all situations
- Bold-weight character display supported
- Telephone and email technical support

Hardware Requirements

- Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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