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TinyTERM Plus for Windows

TinyTERM Plus addresses the host connectivity needs of enterprise-level organizations that require access to IBM mainframes, mid-range computer systems, and UNIX / Linux servers. Standardizing on TinyTERM Plus offers easy and economical migration from other vendor's products, with enterprise-grade deployment management tools and integration options providing ease and greater flexibility to control and customize organizational rollouts.

Web-to-Host Access
TinyTERM Plus is software you can use to provide Web-to-host access to your UNIX and IBM hosts over the Web. Provide server-based access to legacy data and mission critical applications over the Internet through the convenience and power of familiar web browsers. With TinyTERM Plus, your employees, customers, vendors, and partners can visit your web site and start interacting with legacy information from your host. You decide what information they can access and how it appears on their screen.

Superior Terminal Emulation
Organizations can rely on accurate support in TinyTERM Plus for legacy terminals, including IBM TN3270E, IBM TN5250E, DEC VT420, SCO ANSI and WYSE 60. TinyTERM Plus' graphical keyboard and color remapper allows you to use TrueType scalable fonts onscreen. You can select screen colors and fonts and choose between 80- and 132-column mode for flexible display parameters or choose full-screen display.

Terminals Emulated
IBM: TN3270, TN3270E, TN5250, 3151, 3101
Digital: VT100, VT220, VT320, VT420
Wyse/TVI: Wyse 50, Wyse 60, Televideo TVI912, 925, 950

IBM TN3270 Host Access
TinyTERM Plus provides IBM mainframe connectivity with precise TN3270E emulation, including secure host access utilizing strong SSLv3 encryption.

IBM TN5250 Host Access
IBM AS/400 iSeries support is integrated into TinyTERM Plus with complete TN5250E emulation, LPD printer support, and secure connectivity through SSLv3 encryption.

UNIX / Linux Access
Organizations using UNIX and Linux systems can rely on the support in TinyTERM Plus for legacy terminals including DEC VT100 thru VT420, SCO ANSI, and Wyse 60. SSH1/SSH2 encryption is used to secure all host communications.

Increase User Productivity
Login and authentication sequences can be automated and executed with a single keystroke, saving time. Complex file transfer sequences can be created that allow users to move files from one host to another, or from multiple hosts to the desktop. Shortcut keys can be assigned to applications, allowing users to rapidly task-switch from one application to another.

International Code Page Support
With TinyTERM Plus, you have total code page flexibility. You can choose your keyboard code page, the transmit code page, and the receive code page configurations to ensure compatibility with nearly any system in the world. You can choose from the many included standard code pages, or you can customize your own. And to ensure proper translation, TinyTERM Plus uses a 16-bit TERM Character Set (TCS) that supports up to 768 characters, enabling TinyTERM Plus to work accurately with any modern language used in the computer industry.

Support Unlimited Fonts, Multinational Keyboards, and Host Character Sets
TinyTERM Plus can display any character or glyph, solving virtually every multinational display problem. Simply select the font you like, its sequence, and TinyTERM does the rest. You get accurate, properly formatted displays from the host. With its support for multinational keyboards and host character sets, you can make TinyTERM your solution for global host access.

Add Mouse Functionality
With TinyTERM Plus, users don't have to give up their mouse. Now you can add features such as cut, copy, paste, and the ability to send customized data strings with a simple mouse click. TinyTERM Plus brings familiar functionality to your keyboard-intensive host applications.

Corporate Enterprise Deployment
Advanced deployment capabilities provide flexibility to control and manage the enterprise rollout process. Customized host access configurations can be easily and automatically pushed from corporate file servers to multiple desktops, and are compatible with Microsoft SMS and Altiris installation mechanisms. TinyTERM Plus can be installed directly on Citrix and Microsoft TSE thin client servers for deployment without any desktop installation required. Web server deployment allows automated installation and execution within the desktop browser environment.

Administer Host Access from a Central Location
All clients access your legacy data using the parameters you set up. TinyTERM Plus lets you set the keyboard maps, code pages, color mappings, background bitmaps, and more, which all the clients will access. And all TinyTERM session settings can be contained in a single file on the Web server to make server-based administration of Web-to-host access convenient and easy to manage.

Pre-defined user configurations and the ability to lock-down user options guarantee a standardized user experience, minimal IT support, and simplified end-user training.

Ease of Migration
Migrating from your existing vendor to TinyTERM Plus is greatly simplified with built-in keyboard and codepage mappings compatible with Attachmate, Hummingbird, and WRQ products. To further speed migration, TinyTERM Plus includes a number of script and configuration conversion utilities that greatly reduce the time and costs associated with migration.

Data Security
TinyTERM Plus includes SSH, SSL and TLS for secure host connectivity. Based on strong 1024-bit encryption, these protocols allow users to securely access remote hosts over any network, and safely transfer files between systems.

Port Forwarding
To further safeguard sensitive enterprise data, TinyTERM Plus offers port forwarding, a technology that allows normally unsecure communications like email or web surfing to be encrypted site-to-site, thereby ensuring the privacy and integrity of user communications.

Customize Look-and-Feel with Complete Attribute Mapping
With TinyTERM Plus, you have flexibility in mapping colors and attributes such as normal, reverse, bold, underline, blink, high and low bright, strike through, and double strike. You have complete control over how host data is displayed. For example, you can highlight important fields on the screen, making them easier to locate and read.

Print Management
Print management capabilities integrated into TinyTERM Plus allow users to route print jobs to any local or network printer and allow local desktop printers to act as additional network print resources. Print jobs can also be output as files and stored anywhere on the network. Enterprise users can select custom settings and configurations for each printer or print job.

Scripting and Automation
TinyTERM Plus offers comprehensive scripting and automation capabilities designed to simplify user operations and increase productivity. Login and authentication sequences can be created and executed with a single keystroke, and complex file transfer sequences can be created to move files securely from one host to another. Users can also create their own sequences with macro record, edit, and playback functionality.

Automate Functions with JavaScript
TinyTERM Plus includes a powerful scripting language you can use for unlimited customizing possibilities. You can customize and automate host connectivity procedures, automate file transfers, create polling, log-in, log-out, and shutdown routines, and more. TinyTERM Plus uses JavaScript functionality and syntax, so users familiar with JavaScript won't have any problems working with TinyTERM Plus.

Support for industry standards such as HLLAPI, COM, OLE, and ActiveX give TinyTERM Plus users a choice of mechanisms to integrate host data with local desktop applications and spreadsheets.

Provide Controlled Access to Your Legacy Host through a Web Browser Interface
With TinyTERM Plus, you can share mission-critical host information with remote employees, business partners, and customers all over the world, and you decide what information people can access and how the information appears. Through a Web browser interface, TinyTERM Plus allows controlled access to valuable host information that previously required a proprietary terminal. You get quicker access and a familiar interface.

File Transfer
File transfer support in TinyTERM Plus allows users to transfer files throughout the enterprise using a variety of protocols. Support for IBM mainframes and servers includes INDFILE host file transfer, and a graphical drag-and-drop FTP client allows secure file transfers utilizing SFTP, SCP, and SSH protocols.

Configure Restricted Client Access from Your Server
With TinyTERM Plus, you can install and deploy host access functionality for clients from a central location, eliminating the hassle and cost of large-scale deployment. Clients can get everything they need from your Web site or over your local intranet.


- Install and configure restricted client access from your server
- Administer host access from a central location
- Provide controlled access to your legacy host through a web browser interface
- Customize window look-and-feel with complete attribute mapping
- Automate functions with JavaScript
- Rely on superior terminal emulation, including TN3270 and TN5250
- Code page support for international compatibility
- Support unlimited fonts, multinational keyboards, and varied host character sets
- Add mouse functionality


- IBM TN3270E Models 2-5 (RFC 2355, 1646)
- IBM TN5250E (RFC 1205)
- DEC VT420, VT320, VT220, VT102, VT100
- WYSE 60, WYSE 50
- TVI 912, 925, 950
- IBM 3151
- Stand-alone application or browser-based
- Multiple session support
- Transmit, receive and keyboard code pages
- Resizable emulation w/scalable fonts
- Programmable attributes, cursors and background images
- VT/WYSE Transparent print
- Print redirection to LPD, Windows spooler LPR/LPD Print spooler
- IND$FILE Host file transfer
- Graphical FTP Client
- SFTP, SCP and SSH secure file transfer
- Samba SMB file server implementation
- SSL, TLS, and SSH connection layer security w/1024-bit keys
- Port forwarding
- Graphical keyboard remapping
- Mouse button remapping and macros
- Host multi-byte character decoding
- Unicode UTF-8, Japanese, Chinese, Korean DBCS decoding
- English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Polish user interfaces
- Keyboard macro record, edit and playback
- Automatic keyboard macro generation
- HLLAPI/COM/OLE/ActiveX emulator interfaces
- TERM Script Language-compatible
- JavaScript Script Language
- Programmable user interface builder
- Configurable tool bars
- Single User Desktop Installation
- Web-page and Email-linked Installation
- Automated central file server installation compatible with Altiris and MSI/SMS
- Thin Client Server Installation
- Web Server Installation
- Keyboard, codepage, and attribute compatibility with Attachmate, WRQ, and Hummingbird products
- Configuration file conversion utilities
- Script language conversion utilities

System Requirements

- Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
- Windows Server 2003/2008
- Citrix MetaFrame/Presentation Server/XenApp
- 32MB Memory 16MB Disk

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