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TinyTERM Plus 3270/5250

TinyTERM Plus provides exact IBM TN3270 and TN 5250 host access. TinyTERM Plus is a terminal emulator that excels at replacing Attachmate Extra!®, Micro Focus Rumba®, and IBM Personal Communications® products with a lower cost solution.

IBM 3270 and 5250 Access
TinyTERM Plus provides IBM mainframe connectivity with precise TN3270E emulation, including secure host access utilizing strong SSL/TLS encryption. IBM AS/400 hosts are supported, with exact TN5250E emulation, LPD printer support, and SSL/TLS. Organizations using UNIX and Linux servers can rely on legacy terminal emulations including DEC VT420, VT100, AT386, and Wyse 60. Advanced SSH encryption is used to secure all host communications.

Product Highlights

- TN3270 and TN5250 IBM Host Access
- VT420, VT100, AT386, Wyse 60
- Fully Windows 7 Compatible
- SSL, TLS and SSH strong encryption support
- Deploy using MSI, SMS, Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Server
- Standalone graphical file transfer client with SFTP, FTP
- Low yearly subscription covers all replacement and new licenses, support and upgrades

Reducing costs for IBM 3270 Access
Century Software has provided the highest quality terminal emulators for over 27 years, and is now providing an opportunity for organizations to save 30%-80% of their ongoing costs yearly, while retaining all required functionality and support. This is made possible by replacing and consolidating corporate terminal emulation, and using the latest trend in software pricing: yearly subscription licensing that includes everything.

Replacing Without Repurchasing
Century has created a new, lower cost way of providing IBM host access solutions, the Annual Subscription License. Using a low yearly fee, the subscription includes licenses for replacement and consolidation of all a companyˇ¦s terminal emulators, regardless of origin and capital spent, along with upgrades, maintenance, technical support, and feature enhancements ˇV available now with TinyTERM Plus.

Enterprise Deployment
Advanced deployment capabilities provide flexibility to control and manage the enterprise rollout process. Customized host access configurations can be easily and automatically pushed from corporate file servers to multiple desktops, and are compatible with Microsoft MSI and SMS installation mechanisms. TinyTERM Subscription Host Access can be installed directly on Citrix and Microsoft thin client terminal servers for deployment without any desktop installation.

Trouble-Free Transition and Migration
Migrating from your existing emulator to TinyTERM Plus is greatly simplified with built-in keyboard and code page mappings compatible with Attachmate, Micro Focus and IBM products. Changes in day-to-day business methods are minimized by allowing TinyTERM to run side-by-side with the current terminal emulator, allowing a smooth transition. Using pre-built configuration settings is easy using the File Import menu, which converts other vendorˇ¦s configuration files. TinyTERM can be configured with identical display colors, keyboard mappings and a customizable user interface that initially matches Attachmate Extra!.

Optional Subscription Licensing

Turning the Latest Trend into a Solid Future
The move by software vendors away from the traditional permanent license to a low yearly subscription fee that includes all licensing, upgrades, maintenance and technical support has the potential to reduce software costs greatly. The terminal emulator vendors have not yet adopted this model, though communications protocols and security requirements have become standardized.

Benefits of Subscription Licensing
Centuryˇ¦s discounted Subscription License pricing allows a company to obtain replacement product use licenses and maintenance coverage at a much lower cost, with a subscription license fee paid annually. Subscription licensing is renewed yearly at the same cost, and also allows adding or subtracting users as well as receiving new versions and upgrades without incurring capital expense or negotiating any contract. It offers the flexibility to meet organizations needs for ever-changing environments easily.

Organizations can save 30%-80% each year on ongoing maintenance expenses, with the flexibility to increase or decrease user counts at any time. Replacement of an existing terminal emulator with new product usage licenses is completely covered, as is all support, version upgrades and feature enhancements. Capital expenditures are eliminated and replaced with a deductible low-cost subscription expense.

Subscription licensing is ideal for companies currently paying ongoing maintenance or those requiring a fully-supported IBM terminal emulation solution, future-proofed against Windows and security upgrades. As government and corporate security standards continue to strengthen, and operating systems continue to upgrade, the need for ongoing maintenance is ever-present.

Subscription license benefits:

- One low annual cost covers product use licensing, support and version upgrades.
- Quantities can be increased/decreased to match changing requirements.
- Eliminates large capital expenditures, replaced with a lower-cost subscription expense.
- Ideal for organizations requiring a fully supported terminal emulation solution, future-proofed against Windows updates, security fixes or changing government mandated access requirements.

The subscription cost includes:

- Concurrent-User or Multi-User product use license.
- Consolidation and replacement of other vendorˇ¦s licenses.
- Ongoing security updates
- Compatibility with all future Microsoft Windows OS upgrades (Windows 7, 64-bit)
- Special enhancement requests
- Regular version upgrades, new releases, fixes and patches
- Full technical support


- IBM TN3270E, TN3270 Models 2-5 (RFC 2355, 1646)
- IBM TN5250E, TN5250 (RFC 1205)
- DEC VT420, VT100, AT386, WYSE 60
- Multiple session support
- Resizable emulator screen w/scalable TrueType fonts
- Scrollback buffer
- Transmit, receive and keyboard code pages
- LPD Print Server
- DEC VT and WYSE Transparent Printing, Screen Printing
- Print redirection to LPD and Windows spoolers
- IND$FILE protocol for IBM Mainframes
- Standalone graphical FTP client supports SFTP, SCP and SSH secure file transfer
- Advanced SSL and TSL security for IBM host sessions
- Advanced SSH strong encryption security for UNIX access w/1024-bit keys
- Port forwarding
- Enterprise Deployment
- Automated installation using Microsoft MSI, SMS and central installation servers
- Publish using Citrix XenApp and Microsoft Terminal Server
- Supports Citrix Password Manager
- Macro record, edit and playback keyboard
- Automatic keyboard macro generation
- HLLAPI/COM/OLE/ActiveX API support
- JavaScript Compiled Script Language
- Graphical keyboard remapping
- Mouse button remapping and macros
- Configurable tool bars, text attributes, cursors and background images
- Host multi-byte character decoding
- Unicode UTF-8, Japanese, Chinese, Korean DBCS decoding
- Keyboard, codepage, and attribute compatibility with Attachmate Extra!
- Configuration file import utilities

System Requirements

- Windows 7, Vista, and XP compatible
- Windows Terminal Server 2003/2008
- Citrix MetaFrame, Presentation Server, XenApp
- 32MB Memory, 16MB Disk

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