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TinyTERM for Mac

TinyTERM for Mac provides a high-quality terminal emulation solution for IT professionals requiring UNIX, Linux and legacy system access from the Mac desktop.

Superior Terminal Emulation
TinyTERM for Mac provides secure TCP/IP access to UNIX and Linux hosts with exact terminal emulation. Users can rely on TinyTERM for 21 terminals, including the Linux console, Wyse 50/60, DEC VT100/VT220/VT320 and SCOANSI. TinyTERM for Mac also provides local shell connectivity, giving you instant access to a command prompt.

Terminals Emulated
IBM: 3151, 3101
Digital: VT100, VT220, VT320, VT420
ANSI: ANSI 3.64, SCOANSI, AT386, Linux, Mac Console
Wyse/TVI: Wyse 50, Wyse 60, Televideo TVI912, 925, 950
Other: ADM1

Dynamic Resizing
TinyTERM for Mac includes xterm-style dynamic terminal resizing. Need more rows and columns displayed? Grab a corner of the window and resize it. TinyTERM for Mac will automatically wrap text to fill the available window space.

Multiple code pages allow for display of a wide range of characters and alphabets. Color mapping allows you to easily change the foreground, background and cursor colors for best readability in any circumstances. And with the ability to import configuration files from TinyTERM for Windows, connection settings can be shared across platforms.

TinyTERM for Mac includes SSH for very secure connectivity. Based on industry-standard strong encryption, SSH allow users to access remote hosts securely over any available TCP/IP connection. Both host key and username/password authentication are included, as well as RSA/DSA key generation and management.

What's New in Version 2.0

- Multiple windows, and multiple tabs in a single window
- Fully programmable function key button bar
- Transparent printing and print screen support
- "Close on disconnect" option
- SSL/TLS connectivity


- Precise emulation of 21 VT/ANSI/Wyse/IBM terminal types
- SSH, SSL/TLS, telnet and local shell connection support
- Comprehensive RSA/DSA key generation and management
- Auto line-wrapping and configurable font scaling with window resizing support
- Code page support for over 25 locales, including UTF-8 host decoding
- Scrollback buffer
- Import connection files from TinyTERM and TinyTERM Plus
- Fonts rendered internally for crystal-clear type in all situations

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