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PIXIL Thin Client

PIXIL Thin Client is a complete software solution available on PC hardware, allowing thin client access to applications running on Windows servers, UNIX/Linux, and IBM mainframe and midrange systems. Targeting rapidly growing needs in the thin client market, PIXIL delivers a flexible Linux-based architecture that leverages the benefits of server-based computing, provides Windows, IBM, and UNIX/Linux access, and offers powerful PC-like capabilities in a small footprint, low-resource thin client. Businesses are demanding solutions that provide cost-effective ways to deliver and manage information across the enterprise. Advantages of adopting PIXIL Thin Client include centralized application management and maintenance, access to new and existing applications, great interoperability, excellent security, and lower costs.

Gain the Linux Advantage
PIXIL delivers a powerful Linux alternative to the Windows-based thin client. By incorporating advantages of embedded Linux along with the significant benefits of deploying thin clients enterprise-wide, the total cost of ownership, security risks, maintenance and support requirements can be significantly lowered.

PIXIL, by allowing the client to take advantage of local Linux code for browsing and terminal emulation, can ease network congestion by offloading browser and IBM host access tasks directly to the client. Running Linux rather than Windows on the thin client allows combining local Linux applications with desktop Windows access, all in a small footprint.

Centralized Management
Thin appliances that target end user needs and offer centralized management capabilities are allowing organizations to manage larger user bases with less time and effort. PIXIL load images can be booted directly from USB flashkey devices, or centrally managed and booted over the network using a PXE or LTSP compatible boot server. The PIXIL user interface includes a graphical Network Login Manager utility that enables the thin client to access Windows-based applications and support connectivity through Microsoft® Terminal Server RDP and Citrix® ICA technology. These protocols empower thin clients to access Windows-based servers across a network or the Internet. PIXIL utilizes these protocols to minimize the bandwidth thin clients require by transmitting only changes over the network. Centralized management and deployment of host address and login information is accomplished through the PIXIL configuration management utility.

IBM 3270 and 5250 Host Access
Host access is provided through IBM TN3270E mainframe and IBM TN5250E iSeries midrange terminal emulators, which run in windowed or full-screen modes. Browser-based connectivity is available through the PIXIL Thin Client Browser and features a small footprint adapted version of Mozilla. Advanced Internet technologies currently available include: HTML 4.0, JavaScript 1.4, Real Networks, Adobe PDF, and Macromedia Flash. These features run in a 32MB footprint. For smaller footprint devices, PIXIL Thin Client can be configured to run in 16MB without local browser or terminal emulator support.

Customized Boot Images
OEMs and IT staff can easily scale and customize the client environment using PIXIL's flexible architecture. Components can be fine tuned according to the desired end user environment. PIXIL's Software Development Kit (SDK) offers development tools to streamline the customization process, incorporate essential services, and add enhanced functionality. The SDK provides customers with a framework for accelerated development, offering high performance and rapid deployment of thin client devices.

PIXIL provides a complete suite of embedded solutions for advanced Internet appliances such as PDAs, WebPAD™ devices, cellular phones, smart handhelds, and thin clients. Developed for multiple form factor flat panel devices with requirements for wireless communications, networking, web browsing, power management and GUIs, PIXIL offers a fully integrated architecture leveraging the open standards of embedded Linux. PIXIL's modular framework, with fully optimized pre-defined components offers ready-to-use and easily customized applications.

High Speed Video
PIXIL, in combination with Microsoft's Terminal Server, is capable of delivering very high quality video to the desktop utilizing software that users are already familiar with. PIXIL's optimized video drivers provide the speed needed to ensure accurate reproduction of the most demanding videos.

In addition, PIXIL will soon be able to stream video using the standard RTSP protocol from the server, ensuring an even higher-quality video experience. Using RTSP, broadcasting video to hundreds of clients is now a possibilty, enabling training and other functions previously only accomplished with a standalone PC.


Supported Hardware
- Dell™ Optiplex™ Hardware
- Dell D400, D600 Laptops (for demonstration)
- Celeron® or Pentium® 4 Processors
- 128-512Mb System Memory
- PS/2 or USB Mouse and Keyboard
- 6 USB Ports
- 10/100 or Gigabit Ethernet
- VESA™ Graphics or Intel® Extreme Graphics, 24-bit color 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x854
- AC97™ Compatible Audio
- DB25 Parallel Port
- RS232 Serial Port

Application Server Support
- Citrix ICA® 8 Client, access to Citrix® WinFrame™/MetaFrame™, Presentation Server™ and XenApp™
- RDP 5 Protocol, access to Microsoft® Windows Terminal Servers, incl. Windows 2000/2003 Server
- Local audio support for Citrix and RDP
- X11R6 X Window protocol, access to UNIX/Linux applications
- IBM TN3270E Terminal Emulation
- IBM TN5250E Terminal Emulation
- DEC VT220 Terminal Emulation
- Graphical Network Login Manager, remotely or locally configured

Browser Support
Mozilla v1.7, HTML 4.0, CSS, JavaScript 1.4, Macromedia® Flash™, Adobe® PDF, Real® Audio/Video
- Java Virtual Machine available

Technical Features
- Linux 2.6.10 Operating System
- TCP/IP, TFTP, DHCP and BOOTP network protocols
- USB Flash Device Boot
- CD Boot using local or PXE filesystems
- PXE Remote Network Boot
- LPR/LPD printing
- NTP Time Client w/time zone support
- Samba SMB and NFS file system support
- Font and RGB server
- Local or remote window manager with full XDM Support
- Configuration SDK available
- Turnkey PXE boot server available

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