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Spire.Doc for Silverlight

Spire.Doc for Silverlight is an MS Word component operated on Silverlight platform, which powerfully enables users to perform basic word processing tasks as well as specific operations directly without Microsoft Office Word.
As an independent professional word component, Spire.Doc for Silverlight allows users to generate, read, write and modify word document for Silverlight in different ways, including setting word text format and style, inserting content of various categories etc.
Spire.Doc for Silverlight is a high quality word component with powerful functions and competitive price. It supports Word 97, Word 2003, Word 2007 and Word 2010.

New Features
- Support parsing empty picture objects in word document.
- Support rotating table text to 90 or 270 degree.
- Support to parse Word 2010 files which used Word 2007 encryption standard.

Main Functions

1. Unnecessary to Install Microsoft Word
Spire.Doc for Silverlight is a completely stand-alone word component. And it does not need Microsoft Word to be installed on the system.

2. Directly Operate Word Document
Without Microsoft Word, Spire.Doc for Silverlight still can create new word documents, edit existing word texts and save documents of multiple styles. Details of Word document operation are shown below:

- Set up document property and document print type.
- Insert multiple sections and page break as well as remove sections.
- Copy document and concatenate multiple documents.
- Encrypt and decrypt document
- Globally search and globally replace words
- Mail merge, nested mail merge, customize mail merge and fill field.
- Save to file, save to stream and save as web response.

3. Set Word document Format and Style
Using Spire.Doc for Silverlight, people can set up Word document font, color, text alignment and indent, highlight text, list Word document content, build style, named style, etc.

4. Insert Rich Contents to Word Document
Spire.Doc for Silverlight allows users to insert rich contents in Word document. Contents are shown below:

- Image
- HTML, hyperlink
- Comment, bookmark and textbox
- Field (91 types)
- Table and table content
- Header and Footer(Text/Image/Table)
- CheckBoxForm Field, DropDownFormField, TextFormField
- TextWaterMark and ImageWaterMark

Feature Details

High Performance
High performance for generating Word documents with huge pages. Superior performance support for reading and writing Word documents.

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Manufacturer: E-iceblue
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