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SoftLogica WSOP

WSOP is a program for website load time testing and optimization. It makes the complete analysis for all web page elements and provides a set of reports, statistics and suggestions to improve your website load time and performance.


1. Checking for slow pages and errors
For every page of your web site WSOP calculates download time for all possible user connection types and checks each page for errors.
WSOP automatically download pages of your web site starting from the specified URL and following all links down to the required depth level. WSOP shows how much time it takes to download each page with all its elements calculating download time. It also calculates browse time. This is a time required for the page text to appear in a browser window. WSOP also checks all downloaded pages for errors.

2. Detailed profiling of web pages
WSOP finds elements that slow down page load. Built it viewer allows you to browse the HTML code and easily navigate between these elements.
You can easily navigate to a certain page element and see its HTML code and load-time information. Complete list of page elements along with test results is shown in a separate window. So it is easy to locate and make a fix or an improvement to any slow element without manual code review and search.

3. Testing of dynamic content
You can record user path through a dynamic web site. WSOP will simulate same activity in further tests using same specific path.
WSOP can analyze HTML code of a web page and automatically fill forms using actual values of hidden parameters generated by web server and dynamic links. You can save recorded steps as a test scenario and use it for future tests.

4. Custom load time conditions
WSOP checks web pages for specific load time conditions and highlights pages that failed to load within specified time limit.
You can create custom conditions that must be met for all pages of your site. Such conditions can limit either download time or browse time for a specified connection speed. WSOP highlights pages for which test shows greater download or browse time then required. This helps you identify pages that do not load fast enough for a specific user connection speed.

5. Comprehensive and customizable reports
A set of customizable reports and statistics layouts consolidate test results to help you find specific bottlenecks on the web site.
Using this information you can analyze and compare download time for page elements depending on various parameters: connection type, element size, host, type, protocol, etc. There is an option to create custom reports and statistics layouts. Reports can be printed or saved as HTML documents. Statistics can be exported to MS Excel compatible format.

6. Improvement tips for each page
WSOP performs versatile analysis of the test results to identify actual and potential problems and gives you suggestions on how to improve the performance of each web page.
WSOP analyses test results using several different criteria based on the following page characteristics:

- Errors found on the page;
- Images and any media content;
- Elements located on external hosts;
- Size of HTML code;
- Total size of the page;
- Elements that were downloaded with lags.

As a result of this analysis WSOP provides improvement suggestions for each page.

Other features:

- HTTPS support
- Options to specify testing area of the site
- Ability to download pages requiring authorization
- Option to use system or custom proxy configuration

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