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Altova StyleVision

Altova StyleVision® 2013 is an award-winning tool for designing compelling reports and forms vvvvbased on XML, SQL database, and XBRL inputs. It makes the power of XSLT available in an intuitive and visual design tool, and adds rich content such as eye-catching charts, making it possible for designers and developers to focus on their target designs (in HTML, PDF, Word/Open XML, and other formats) rather than XSLT details.

StyleVision Highlights
- XML, SQL database, and XBRL inputs
- Multi-format report building
- Multi-channel publisher
- XML reporting
- SQL database reporting
- XBRL rendering
- XSLT stylesheet design
- XSL:FO for PDF
- XSLT for RTF
- XSLT for Word (Open XML)
- Authentic® 2013 enterprise form design
- Charting and graphing
- Extensive developer-oriented features
- StyleVision Server

1. Visual Report and Form Designer
StyleVision can create and generate compelling reports used to analyze and present data from XML, SQL database, and XBRL input types in online and print-ready formats. Report designs can include dynamic content elements including tables and beautiful charts. The same visual design tool also produces Authentic enterprise forms, which empower business users to analyze and update information stored in XML and SQL systems.

2. Multi-channel Publisher
With StyleVision, a single design can be used to automatically publish visually compelling reports in HTML, PDF, RTF, and Word (Open XML), cost-effectively enabling multi-channel publishing of critical business information, and providing a powerful one-to-many (one design, many output channels) business intelligence solution.

3. XML, Database, and XBRL Reporting
Unlike business reporting tools specialized for a particular data format or database vendor, StyleVision uniquely supports XML, all major relational databases, and XBRL in a single tool, allowing you to create advanced reports that access and combine data in compelling ways. Functionality specialized for the intricacies of each input is available, such as XML Schema generation from XML instance documents, a Database Query window and SQL editor, and XBRL Table and Chart Wizards.

4. XSLT Stylesheet Designer
StyleVisionˇ¦s visual design paradigm makes the broad and deep power of XSLT available to document-oriented application designers in a way that abstracts away the underlying XSLT complexity. XSLT resources generated by StyleVision are completely standards-based and can be used in other tools and solutions, significantly improving developer productivity.

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Manufacturer: Altova
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