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Altova DatabaseSpy

Altova DatabaseSpy® 2013 is the unique multi-database query, design, and database comparison tool that even generates elegant charts directly from query results. It connects to all major databases, easing SQL editing, database structure design, database content editing, database schema and content comparison, and database conversion all for a fraction of the cost of single-database solutions.

More DatabaseSpy Features
- Database browser and Database projects
- Edit views and stored procedures
- XML in databases
- Table contents editor
- Data import/export
- Index of new DatabaseSpy features

Supported Databases:
- Microsoft® SQL Server® 2000, 2005, 2008
- IBM DB2® 8, 9
- IBM DB2 for iSeries® v5.4, 6.1
- Oracle® 9i, 10g, 11g
- Sybase® 12
- MySQL® 4, 5
- PostgreSQL 8
- Microsoft Access™ 2003, 2007

1. SQL Editor
The versatile DatabaseSpy SQL editor features customizable SQL auto-completion to accelerate SQL query development. Execute queries and see immediate results in one or more windows that may be tabbed or stacked. SQL formatting configurations are provided for each supported database and appropriate formatting is automatically applied when you switch databases.

2. Database Charts
A colorful, eye-catching chart is much more vivid and communicates meaning more effectively than a table of numeric data. DatabaseSpy provides a wide variety of charting features to graphically represent SQL query results. Create the most accurate and vivid graphical representation of your data in line charts, bar charts, pie charts, area charts, and many more with advanced formatting options.

3. Graphical Database Design
The DatabaseSpy graphical Design Editor lets you view and edit the structures of all your databases through one graphical user interface. You can examine tables and relationships in an existing database, edit tables to better suit your needs, or even can add entire tables and specify all their column attributes and relationships to other tables from scratch.

4. Database Comparison
DatabaseSpy includes a powerful database compare and merge tool to locate changes, migrate differences, or synchronize versions of databases. You can compare and merge table contents, or compare database schemas and merge differences. You can even migrate entire database structures from one database type to another.

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