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Analysing/Monitoring Tools

Idera SQL toolbox

A bundle of must-have tools for DBAs and Developers

- SQL doctor for performance tuning
- SQL admin toolset for daily administration tasks
- SQL comparison toolset for data and schema compare
- SQL safe lite for fast, compressed backups
- SQL virtual database to access backup files without restoring

1. SQL doctor
Get advice and recommendations on how to fix a performance problem

- Dashboard exposes performance metrics in real-time
- "Quick Findings" instantly locates SQL performance issues
- Executable scripts are generated to optimize performance
- Expert Recommendations offered to improve performance
- Stored history of analysis recommendations for trending

2. SQL safe lite
Fast, Affordable, Compressed SQL Server backup

- Save space - compress backup files up to 95%
- Save time - at least 50% faster than native backups
- Extended Stored Procedure (XSP) based automation
- Easy Restores - command-line simplifies the process
- Striped backups - to different disks as needed

3. SQL virtual database
Access data in SQL backup files without restoring

- Immediate access - get data from backup files instantly
- Acts like a real database - Use 3rd party and native tools
- OLR replacement - better solution to object level recovery
- Multiple Uses - reporting, data extraction, analysis, etc.
- Read/Write support - inserts, updates, DBCC commands

4. SQL admin toolset
Simplify and streamline day-to-day SQL administration tasks

- 25 essential desktop tools for your everyday SQL Server needs
- Run every day diagnostics across multiple SQL Servers
- Complete administrative tasks in minutes, not hours
- Perform analysis on your SQL data

5. SQL comparison toolset
Quickly identify and synchronize data and object changes across various versions of SQL Server

- Compare and synchronize SQL Server data and schema objects
- Easy navigation of user interface improves efficiency
- Automate comparison and synchronization operations
- Customize schema compare and synchronization sessions
- Generate ready-to-use database synchronization scripts

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Manufacturer: Idera
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