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Analysing/Monitoring Tools

Idera SharePoint diagnostic manager

Find and fix SharePoint performance problems before users complain

- Monitor SharePoint farm, content and server performance
- Customizable alerting on pages, controls & servers
- Intuitive dashboard in the product or from the SharePoint UI
- Historical repository enables trending and forecasting
- Light footprint with no agents on monitored farm servers

1. Why It Rocks

24x7 SharePoint monitoring
Continuously monitor, identify, diagnose and fix SharePoint performance and availability issues. Quickly understand why your SharePoint servers are not performing well or why pages are taking long to load. SharePoint diagnostic manager runs outside of SharePoint, giving you access to data, alerts and more¡Xeven if SharePoint is not available.

Customizable alerting
Ensure quality of service for your users by monitoring key SharePoint pages across your farm. SharePoint diagnostic manager provides adjustable threshold alerts on worst performing pages, controls & servers. If there is an issue, get an email alert as soon as the problem occurs and have the data at hand to diagnose and solve it.

Intuitive dashboard UI
¡¥At a glance¡¦ dashboards to troubleshoot issues with SharePoint health are available in the SharePoint diagnostic manager, or directly within the SharePoint UI. You can also use the SharePoint diagnostic manager web parts to build your own SharePoint-hosted dashboards.

SharePoint past, present and future
Immediate identify the worst pages, HTML, web parts and web controls in SharePoint by quickly analyzing their load time, size and type. Rewind time to troubleshoot issues from last night or last week. Or, see into the future with the Farm Content Summary and Capacity Planning reports.

Easy, lightweight installation
Agentless and low-impact design provides setup in less than 30 minutes. Instantly and automatically monitor all SharePoint farm servers without the need to develop any kind of script. Take advantage of built-in default options to start monitoring your SharePoint servers immediately.

2. Monitor Servers

Continuous performance monitoring
Provides 24x7 monitoring of the performance and availability of your SharePoint farm. Performance data is captured for key SharePoint pages and servers and stored in a database for historical analysis. Understand the real impact of the server side performance metrics without interference from browser type, location, operating systems and connection speed. Easily control of how an application behaves in its 'raw' state, and easily determine any application performance issues.

Monitor farm server availability
Monitor critical areas of your SharePoint farm servers such as CPU, disk activity, IIS, memory and page utilization. Instantly understand what¡¦s causing your SharePoint environment to perform below agreed performance thresholds. Troubleshoot even when SharePoint is not available.

Watch farms from a central console
Provides an easy-to-use console with rich information displays that allow multiple farms and all component servers to be monitored.

Complete SQL Server monitoring
Detailed configuration options, database fragmentation and capacity planning data such as data and log file sizes and locations. Logical views provide a performance and configuration overview of all the instances and databases in your farm, plus drill down into alerts by server for more detailed information.

Detailed configuration data
View complete and detailed information regarding the configuration of every SharePoint server in your farm.

3. Page Performance

Ensure content is available and performing
Continuous monitoring of key SharePoint pages allows you to ensure that you are providing a high quality of service to your users.

Full web page coverage
Provides granular, server-side performance data analysis for all SharePoint publishing and web part pages such as server controls, web parts, images, scripts and much more. Immediately identify the worst performing HTML controls, web parts and web controls by quickly analyzing their load time, size and type.

No limitation on pages being monitored
Monitor the most important pages or all pages in your sites, without restriction. Choose how often pages should be monitored.

Easy URL-based page performance analysis
Analyze any web page in your farm by simply typing its URL. Quickly and easily identify what is impacting page performance, without guessing! Powerful collection of page control data that clearly evaluate page loading, execution, or rendering of individual page elements.

4. Alerting

Automated alerting
Automated email alert notification whenever configurable performance thresholds are not met. Individual thresholds can be set for each monitored page or server.

Performance threshold customization
Customize server level thresholds such as CPU, Memory, Disk, IIS, page HTML, web parts and web control alerting to meet the performance requirements of your applications and environment.

Granular control of alert responses
Set up rules to control the response to alerts. Send emails only to those with responsibility for particular farms, servers or performance metrics. For example you can choose to send alerts on SQL Server only to your DBA.

SNMP Support
Idera SharePoint diagnostic manager has the ability to generate SNMP traps in response to alerts allows you to integrate with Enterprise monitoring solutions such as Microsoft SCOM.

Health Analysis
SharePoint diagnostic manager will monitor the SharePoint health analysis and raise alerts when there are problems.

5. Troubleshooting

Easy to use User Interface
Powerful and easy to use console enables complex analyses to be displayed and understood in seconds, without the need to be a SharePoint expert.

Dashboard views
SharePoint diagnostic manager¡¦s intuitive dashboard UI provides a quick view of SharePoint server health, enabling performance and availability problems to be quickly identified, diagnosed and resolved.

SharePoint dashboard integration
*New* SharePoint-hosted dashboards provide performance and availability information from directly within SharePoint. The Idera dashboard provides a farm overview, server status and a list of the current performance and configuration alerts for your farm. You can also use the SharePoint diagnostic manager web parts to build your own dashboards.

6. Comprehensive Reporting

Summary and detailed metrics
Idera SharePoint diagnostic manager provides reporting at the summary, server and page levels that allow you to monitor your SharePoint environment, analyze trends and plan for the future. Summary and detail performance metrics provide a comprehensive view of what¡¦s happening in your SharePoint environment at all levels.

Top server and top pages reporting
Idera SharePoint diagnostic manager enables you to quickly identify the worst performing pages (Top Pages) or servers (Top Servers) for today or for the desired date range. These reports will save time finding content problems, and identify which SharePoint servers need the most attention first.

Farm content summary data
Information about the farm content is captured including counts and sizes of objects contained in each farm. Allows analysis of content growth and provides alerts when thresholds are reached such as number of documents in a library.

Capacity planning data
Store historical performance data of your SharePoint farms enabling rich graphical analysis of performance and behavior over time to identify patterns and trends.

Capacity Reports
Many capacity usage and trend reports for your SharePoint farms arm you with the data you need to do effective capacity planning.

Custom Reports
Create and save your own custom reports. Mix and match from any of the gathered metrics to create your own custom reports showing exactly the data you desire.

7. System Requirements

- 32-bit Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2003 SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 2008
- 64-bit Windows 2003 SP1 or SP2 (x64), Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista x64 and Windows 2008
- .Net 2.0 and MDAC SP1
- Monitor capable of displaying 16bit color or greater and a resolution of 1024x768
- SQL server 2005, SQL server 2008, SQL Server 2012

SharePoint solution package
- MOSS 2007 SP1 or higher
- WSS 3.0 SP1 or higher
- SharePoint foundation 2010
- SharePoint server 2010

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