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Analysing/Monitoring Tools

Idera SharePoint audit

SharePoint auditing for security and compliance

- Easily identifies and alerts
on security issues
- Adds new events not available in SharePoint¡¦s native auditing
- Maintains SharePoint governance and regulatory compliance
- Safeguards performance with external reporting database
- Out-of-the-box reports probe out what¡¦s going on in detail

1. Why It Rocks

Enriches SharePoint's audit data
Idera SharePoint audit enriches SharePoint¡¦s audit data with additional events including logons, inserts, and field value changes. At the same time it tracks views, updates and deletes, and permissions changes that matter most to your compliance reporting.

Easy audit setup
Idera SharePoint audit ensures consistent auditing across the farm by enforcing audit policies on all servers and sites ¡V new and existing. Idera SharePoint audit¡¦s unique, hierarchical, administration model enables farm-wide auditing configuration and overrides at lower levels of web applications and site collections.

Enforces auditing policy
Idera SharePoint audit enforces auditing policy by monitoring the state of auditing on site collections. The Audit Monitor report tells you where auditing is enabled or disabled, and what types of actions have auditing disabled on a given site.

Corporate, regulatory compliance
Idera SharePoint audit gives you the tools to fulfill your SharePoint regulatory and compliance data needs, whether that¡¦s Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), HIPAA, GLBA, Title 21 CFR Part 11, FERC, NERC or others.

Ensures SharePoint performance
Maybe you¡¦ve thought of turning on auditing before, but justly worried about the performance impact. Idera SharePoint audit stores its log data where you want, protecting your content database performance.

Sounds the alarm on security events
Idera SharePoint enterprise manager helps accommodate all levels of management by safely delegating access to its many features. Granular security administration enables you to dictate who can use the SharePoint enterprise manager¡¦s administrative powers and on which web applications or site collections.

2. Simple Administration

Add to SharePoint auditing
Idera SharePoint audit enriches SharePoint¡¦s audit data with logon events, inserts, and field value changes. Idera SharePoint audit adds auditing functionality to WSS 3 & SPF2010.

Easy to deploy
With minimal server requirements, Idera SharePoint audit is fast, efficient and easy to install.

Flexible setup
Unique, hierarchical administration model allows you to specify globally and tune locally with flexible auditing level overrides at the web application or site collection level.

Control what you log
Idera SharePoint audit¡¦s fine grained control over the type of events and data logged means that your audit logs won¡¦t grow out of control.

Safeguard performance speed
Idera SharePoint audit data is held in a separate database, protecting your SharePoint content database from any performance impact.

3. Compliance Reporting

Automatic auditing
Never miss a new site collection ¡V now, they can be automatically added to the set of monitored sites.

Monitor auditing level
Generate an overview of the auditing status for site collections across your SharePoint farm using the audit monitor.

Out-of-the-box, custom reports
SharePoint audit provides out-of-the-box and custom reporting on information like content viewing, modification and deletion

View and filter audit log data
SharePoint audit enables administrators and compliance professionals to view and audit SharePoint log data at any level. View logs from any list item¡¦s context menu.

Query audit data
SharePoint audit enables you to query audit data at the site collection or list level and export logs to Excel as pivot tables for further manipulation.

4. Security Event Alerting

Set alerts
Create alert definitions for the data, events, and even users that you would like to watch, then find out when critical changes happen.

Get email notifications
Be notified immediately whenever one of your defined security events takes place. Send alerts to internal (Active Directory) and external parties.

5. System Requirements

SharePoint Platforms
- Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SP1 / SP2
- MOSS 2007 SP1 / SP2
- Sharepoint Foundation 2010 / Server 2010

Operating System
- Windows Server 2003 32 / 64 bit (including R2)
- Windows Server 2008 32 / 64 bit (including R2)

Repository Database
- Microsoft SQL Server 2005
- Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise, Standard, or Express Edition.

Disk Space and Memory
- Recommended minimum 1.5GB of total memory per SharePoint server
- 5 MB disk space

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