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Flexera Software InstallShield

InstallShield® is the world's leading Windows installation development solution. InstallShield is designed to enable development teams to be more agile, collaborative and flexible when building reliable InstallScript and Windows Installer (MSI) installations for desktop, server, Web, and mobile applications. InstallShield is the only software installer that can build Microsoft App-V virtual packages.


New opportunities and fast-paced change continue to pervade the technology marketplace. To keep up, application producers need to adapt quickly, get to market faster and deliver a seamless, modern customer experience. The global de facto standard on more than 500 million PCs, InstallShield is a strategic software installation development solution designed for traditional and agile development teams and their Windows and virtualized installation requirements. InstallShield includes automated tools to productize, install, and bundle software in both virtual application and traditional MSI formats. And, it provides capabilities to deliver an end-user experience that meets app-savvy user standards.

Enterprises are also adapting to the new technology landscape. To support this transition, InstallShield provides application producers with support for emerging technology and capabilities to help their customers more easily deploy and manage their applications in the customer's environment of choice.

InstallShield 2012 Spring: Microsoft's Software Installer of Choice
InstallShield 2012 Spring was designed for the next generation of application producers working with today's complex packaging needs, to make it easy for development teams to be more agile, flexible and collaborative.

- Supports Microsoft® Windows® 8, Windows Server® 2012 and Visual Studio® 2012
- Enables hybrid cloud deployments with Microsoft® SQL Azure™ database scripting capabilities
- Automatically checks and downloads updates and patches at run-time
- Enables the enterprise transformation with support for Microsoft® System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and PowerShell™
- Provides deep insight to the install base by connecting you to customers with an automated update and patch solution

Support for Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and Visual Studio 2012

The release of Microsoft's new Windows Operating System and Visual Studio were major events in 2012. InstallShield 2012 Spring provides support for these newest Microsoft technologies, allowing specification that the installation requires Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012, plus it lets you build feature and component conditions for these operating systems. Offering support for these new technologies demonstrates your commitment to supporting the latest technology.

Sideload Windows Store Apps

Windows 8 and Window Server 2012 support a new package format, AppX, to install Windows Store applications, formerly known as Metro apps. InstallShield 2012 Spring enables you to sideload Windows Store app packages (.appx) through Suite/Advanced UI projects, enabling Windows Store apps and desktop applications to be bundled and installed through a single installer outside the Windows Store.

Microsoft SQL Azure Support

Producers need to support their products both on-premises and in hybrid cloud environments to meet customer demand for both environments. InstallShield 2012 Spring enables application producers to support hybrid cloud SQL deployments with new SQL Azure database scripting capabilities.

Advanced Wizard Page Editor and Redesigned Wizard Pages

The bar has been raised for installation run-time thanks to a new generation of "app-store savvy" users. Current MSI installer dialogs are very limited and have prevented application producers from being able to deliver a modern experience. With an entirely new end-user interface with a new wizard page editor and redesigned built-in wizard pages, InstallShield 2012 Spring helps you create a fresh, more modern run-time experience.

Suite Installation Enhancements

The Suite Advanced UI project type released in InstallShield 2012 was widely adopted by customers due to the ever-growing need to deliver a unified installation experience. With InstallShield 2012 Spring, we utilized customer feedback to define the new capabilities and give customers more of the capabilities they need. New Suite capabilities include the ability to import and reference PRQ files as Suite packages, dynamic links for Suite packages, new UI for custom conditions, as well as advanced logging and reporting on Suite packages.

Automatic Checking for Installer Updates and Patches

Update and patch deployment is a key element of modern software applications. To keep up with customer demand, application producers must continually update their applications. To ensure that users always have the latest version of an application installed, InstallShield 2012 Spring checks for the latest updates and patches at installer run-time. If an update is found, it is automatically downloaded and run in place of the old installer.

PowerShell Support

InstallShield 2012 Spring streamlines Windows installation scripting requirements for PowerShell, which has become the enterprise standard for scripting. To help application producers support best practices of their Enterprise customers, InstallShield 2012 Spring supports custom actions that run PowerShell scripts.

Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Support

Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager is often used by enterprises to provision applications provided by Software Producers. InstallShield 2012 Spring gives application producers the option to specify the inclusion of System Center Configuration Manager application data and simplify the process for their enterprise customers.

FlexNet Connect On-Demand Subscription Offer

InstallShield 2012 Spring Premier Edition includes a subscription offer to experience Flexera Software's FlexNet Connect On-Demand Essential Edition. Together, InstallShield 2012 Spring and FlexNet Connect give application producers a complete software update, management and installation solution. FlexNet Connect can help lower support and delivery costs, and drive more informed decisions with deep insight into the user base through rich reporting and analytic capabilities.

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