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E-XD++ Ultimate Enterprise Edition 2013

With all the source codes of all advance solutions (Inlcudes P-UCC703, P-UCC704, P-UCC705) and other solutions ...

Full compatible with Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio, Visual Studio, Visual Studio and Visual Studio
With all the source codes of the following:

- ShapeDesigner's Source Code
- DiagramEditor's Source Code
- E-XD++ Core library's Source Code (More than 550,000 lines)
- All samples's source codes
- All Samples_Advance's Source Code
- UCanCode Draw OCX's Source Codes
- UCCDiagram OCX's source codes + samples
- BPMNEditor's source codes
- Classwizard.exe
- New Project Building Tool
- All documents...

It also contains the following advance source codes:

- BPMBuilder's source code
- EFormDesigner + EFormReader's source code + ODBC Database Support
- UCanCode Print Solution's source code
- UCanCode CAD Solution's source code
- HMI OCX ActiveX's source code
- HMIBuilder' Source Codes
- UCanCode Gauge Solution' source codes
- HMIPlayer' Source Codes
- UCCTouch' Source Codes
- UCanCode Script Solution' Source Codes
- UCanCode CAD OCX' Source Codes
- UCanCode Power Electric Solution's source code
- DASYLabDemo's source code
- UCanCode Electronic Design Solution's source code
- UCanCode Print OCX' Source Codes
- UCanCode Gis Solution's Source Codes

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Manufacturer: GdPicture
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