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Intersoft Mobile Studio 2013

Finally. The world's first cross-platform mobile toolset has arrived.
Introducing Mobile Studio, now you can rapidly build powerful mobile apps on
the worlds top platforms V iOS, Android and Windows V with a single application codebase.

Intersoft Mobile Studio is the ultimate toolset for cross-platform, business-oriented mobile apps development. Featuring Crosslight, you can now rapidly create amazing native mobile apps leveraging the skillset and design patterns you're familiar with V MVVM and data binding. And even better, you write the application logic once in C# and reuse them in four mobile platforms V iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Store apps.

With nearly 96% code reuse, you can create 4 more apps with the same amount of time commonly needed to build an app. And with the same amount of time, you get your apps running on all the four platforms V not single. The benefits are obvious V Crosslight saves your time, efforts and cost to join the mobile revolutions today V while at the same time dramatically increase your productivity so you can instantly create great mobile apps like a pro!

What's Inside Mobile Studio

Technologically Advanced Cross-Platform Libraries and Components

Intersoft Mobile Studio ships with a set of powerful frameworks and versatile components for cross-platform mobile development V called Crosslight. It lets you easily create data-aware native mobile apps by writing application logic once and reuse them completely in any supported platforms V thanks to the Crosslight Foundation that provides core services, data binding framework, messaging and extension infrastructure.

Top key features of Crosslight Foundation include rock-solid application framework, universal data management, rich form builder, and a vast array of powerful mobile services. In addition, Crosslight also includes Platforms components V called Crosslight Platforms V that comprised of binding adapters, platform-specific view infrastructure, and MVVM-enabled controls for data binding support.

Crosslight Platforms support the world's top mobile platforms:

- Crosslight for iOS
- Crosslight for Android
- Crosslight for Windows Phone 8
- Crosslight for Windows Store

Why Mobile Studio

The industry's first toolset for cross-platform mobile development

Say goodbye to the old-fashioned, time-consuming and tedious way of building cross-platform mobile apps. Welcome to the new world of cross-platform mobile development where building mobile apps are fun, exciting and enjoyable. No non-sense workarounds, no redundant application logic, no frustrating spaghetti code V just clean and maintainable MVVM layer designed for maximum code reuse.

Crosslight is thoughtfully engineered from the ground up by leveraging the latest technology stacks to solve the most challenging scenarios in cross-platform native mobile development. It is built around the .NET technology which means that all the Crosslight components are .NET assemblies in essence. At its core, there is Crosslight Foundation which provides the application services, binding frameworks, and messaging infrastructure. The Crosslight Platforms V which represent the platform-specific view components V share one thing in common despite of their technology differences. They are connected and communicate to the Crosslight Foundation in loosely-coupled fashion which enable you to write user interaction logic code in the highly reusable, platform-neutral layer.

In short, Crosslight connects several mobile platforms together and draws them in a single path. It uniquely connect to these different platforms without attempting to merge or unify their differences. Crosslight on the Windows platform uses the same skillset and technology that youve well accustomed to V such as XAML, C# and .NET Framework. On the other hands, Crosslight for iOS and Android are built upon Xamarin Platforms so you can enjoy everything you love in .NET V C#, async/await, and most of the .NET Class Libraries V on the iOS and Android.

Write once, target 4 platforms, and reach 26 billion users

Choosing the mobile platforms for your business is not so easy. Your users used various devices to support their lifestyle V fulfilling orders on the go with an iPhone, reviewing performance report with an Android tablet at home, or browsing prospect list with a Surface docked at the office desk. They simply wanted it all. Thankfully, Crosslight lets you build them all so you dont have to choose.

Crosslight was created around the philosophy that cross-platform mobile development should be straightforward, easy and painless. Ideally, you should be able to write the user interaction logic once, then easily reuse them in any of the supported platforms, and reach as high as 26 billion users. Crosslight is born to do just that V it takes care of the cross-platform differences and every little details so you can focus on what matters the most V your great ideas and business process.

Code reuse accelerated to a whole new level

Crosslight leverages cutting-edge design patterns such as MVVM and service abstraction at its core to allow loosely-coupled messaging to the view platform. More importantly, it invented a powerful data binding framework which brings MVVM to the iOS and Android world, and finally, you can write all user application logic in a single codebase V in addition to the domain model, business layer and data access layer V and easily consume them on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

In overall, Crosslight lets you share as much as 96% of your project codebase which sets the breakthrough record in the industry. Combined with tons of time-saving features, this translates to dramatically increased productivity, increased revenues and faster time to deploy.

Deliver great native apps with uncompromised performance

Cross-platform solutions often come with a trade-off V whether the user experiences or worse, the performance. Crosslight is a unique cross-platform solution that offers incredible features and benefits without the expense of a trade-off. That's because Crosslight is designed with user experiences first philosophy which means every single feature has to pass strict performance test on the physical devices before they're committed to the product.

To achieve the best user experiences with uncompromised performance, Crosslight delivers true native apps output V not hybrid or browser-wrapped apps. It's true even on iOS and Android which is made possible through the integration with Xamarin* platforms. As the results, iOS and Android apps built with Crosslight will run as fast as the native apps built with their own respective native SDK. Don't take our words for it. Try Crosslight and see the performance for yourself today.

Slash development time and cost in half

Crosslight offers a multitude of unprecedented features that change the way you build cross-platform mobile apps such as application code reuse, comprehensive mobile services, amazing user experiences and native performance just to a few. The equation of all those features combined is obvious V significantly improved productivity, reduced development time and cost by up to 66%. It's a spectacular level of saving thanks to less code to write, less code to test, and ultimately, less bugs to fix.

Licensed per developer subscription, Mobile Studio lets you develop as many apps as you like, target any supported platforms, deploy to any number of users V all with one low price starting from $999. And if you need Xamarin licenses along, you can purchase Intersoft Mobile Studio + Xamarin product at attractive bundle price. Click here for more details on the product bundles or contact us today.

Built on the industry's leading platforms

At the very moment you build cross-platform apps with Crosslight, you're in good company. You have the peace-of-mind on your investment because Crosslight is built on top of matured, industry's leading platforms such as Microsoft's .NET and Xamarin's Platforms. More importantly, Crosslight was built with rock-solid architecture that allows it to be continuously developed and evolved with the best-breed of features and innovation.

Intersoft has partnered with the world's leading platform vendors V such as Microsoft and Xamarin V to provide you with the most advanced development toolset that is designed with strict conformance to each platform's best practices and design guidelines V and ultimately V to provide the best platform support whenever you need it.

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