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Intersoft WebUI Studio 2013 for Silverlight

The industry's most advanced Silverlight development toolset íV now comes with
new gorgeous financial charts, powerful reporting suite with best-in-class designer,
and hundreds of new features and enhancements.

Intersoft's Silverlight Suite® creates Rich Internet Applications the way they were meant to be íV compelling and sophisticated. Dazzle users with stunning experiences from our Silverlight UI toolkit, packed with state-of-the-art components and hundreds of ready-to-use innovative features unavailable anywhere else.

The new 2013 release ships with the industry's most powerful XAML-based reporting suite, new financial charts, and hundreds of new features based on customers top requests.

From grid view, schedule view, tree view, SQL report viewer to gorgeous ribbon and hundreds of stunning UI controls, WebUI Studio for Silverlight offers the most advanced line-of-business components íV covering every of your requirement with no compromise.

What's Inside WebUI Studio for Silverlight

360+ Advanced Controls
Intersoft ClientUI accelerates line-of-business application development with feature-rich and compelling user interface components for building rich and dynamic line-of-business applications. The new ClientUI adds reporting control, with a full-fledged XAML reporting engine which includes a powerful C# style scripting support for the most demanding business reports.

Top key features include built-in MVVM framework, WCF RIA Services and IdeaBlade DevForce support, journal-aware navigation framework with deep link support, routed events, commanding and fluid drag-drop. And the impressive design-time support for Visual Studio® 2012 and Expression Blend® 4 dramatically simplifies application development process and speeds time to market.

- Reporting Controls
- Data Visualization
- Navigation
- Editors
- Grid View
- Scheduler
- Ribbon
- Document Viewer

Why WebUI Studio for Silverlight

The most advanced and innovative user interface technology

Only WebUI Studio for Silverlight has the advanced technologies you need to deliver superior performance and maximum throughput for your ever-dynamic, growing business application. Advanced Intersoft's technologies and controls íV such as sophisticated grid view, advanced, high-performance document viewers and myriads of expand collapse containers íV gives all the tools you need to rapidly create rich user experiences for the web and desktop.

New dimension of user experiences

WebUI Studio for Silverlight simplifies the adoption of great user experiences through innovative features that precisely engineered to match standard-compliance usability specification. The keyboard and visual focus implemented on input, button, popup and window family is identical to the platform standard. With these standards built right into every control in ClientUI, this means that you can quickly and rapidly deploy compelling business applications with usability conformance in dramatically less time with less effort.

Time-saving features and unprecedented ease-of-use

With extended designer support and advanced editor for Microsoft Expression Blend 4 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, WebUI Studio for Silverlight cuts down the time it takes to design Silverlight page from hours into minutes. Business developer can solely focus building business Silverlight application within one interface, Visual Studio 2012. Every WebUI Studio for Silverlight control is built with Blendable™ standards, the strict measurement ensuring the most optimal control design when used by designer in Expression Blend®.

True unifying architecture for real cross-platform development

ClientUI sets a new standard in unified development for Silverlight and WPF with its robust framework and generic set of architecture that works consistently across different platforms. Pushing the standard of UI controls and components interoperability in Silverlight and WPF platforms, ClientUI enables you to take full advantage of the underlying power of both platforms and deliver a rock-solid, scalable application targeting desktop and web.

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Manufacturer: Intersoft Solutions
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