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Intersoft WebEssentials 3 for ASP.NET

Build rich and interactive Web 2.0 business applications in record time.

Featuring 9 innovative components, WebEssentials lets you add breathtaking visual effects and unprecedented ease of use to your Rich Internet Applications.

Fluent Ribbon Experiences

Users have been long demanding intuitive user interface that allow them to find commands easier and faster so they can get more tasks done in less time. WebRibbon, part of WebEssentials 2, is invented to defy those challenges.

With full compliance to Office fluent specifications, WebRibbon allows you to organize commands based on their relevance and functionality into tabs and groups. Furthermore, it smartly adapts the ribbon tabs and commands to fit into the available screen real estate ˇV so you can ship reliable applications without any screen resolution constraints.

Intuitive Navigation
As important as the content itself, the quality of your navigation greatly affects the quality of the user experience. Truly intuitive navigation allows your users to quickly locate vital information hidden in mountains of data or to find that one critical web page among hundreds ˇV or hundreds of thousands. Bring order to the chaos with WebListBox and WebSlidingMenu, the dynamic duo of Web navigation controls engineered to help you unclutter and organize the most confusing of navigation systems.

Using text, images, or both, WebListBox unleashes your inner creativity, allowing you to build eye-popping vertical navigators. A rich set of predefined themes provides an endless variety of choices bound to suit every website. For more exacting applications, a comprehensive set of style and layout properties enables you to create navigation set to your own precise specifications in mere minutes.

Easily build sophisticated hierarchical navigation systems with WebSlidingMenu. Featuring an ultra-cool sliding animation effect, this powerful component can host virtually unlimited items in the most complex structures. Its advanced Load-on-Demand technology provides high performance with minimal overhead by intelligently requesting items just before your users need them.

Multipurpose Container
Whether you build social networking sites, wikis, blogs, or even Web-based business applications, make the most of precious screen real estate with WebAccordion and WebExpander.

WebAccordion is a collapsible content panel featuring a modern minimalist style and silky-smooth expand/collapse animation. Take advantage of its tight integration with the Visual Studio IDE to easily add new items and set their content directly, or use IFrame mode to host external pages in WebAccordion items.

Like its sibling, WebExpander eases the burden of managing lengthy content by dividing it into multiple smaller sections. Use its customizable layout and diverse expansion modes to create a unique, personalized appearance that superbly complements your Rich Internet Applications.

Ingenious Input
Critical decision making processes require accurate information. Ensure that your users have the tools they need for guaranteed high-quality data input with WebEssentialˇ¦s wide array of data entry components, including calendar, slider, rating, and listbox controls.

WebCalendar provides a fast, convenient way to navigate by date and select dates and date ranges. The versatile WebSlider lets users interactively select a number or range of numbers. Add an engaging, high-precision rating system to your blog or forum with WebRating.

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