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Intersoft ClientUI

The premium user interface library for Silverlight and WPF development.
Featuring over 360 rich, MVVM-ready user interface controls, ClientUI has everything you need to rapidly create compelling and sophisticated user experiences.

Deliver cross-platform business applications in a single sprint.
ClientUI is built to simplify line-of-business application development that target the web and desktop at one time using the same source code. At the heart of each ClientUI control is a generic set of interoperable API for both Silverlight and WPF development and powered by the powerful ClientUI Framework. The result is high-quality business applications that run inside and outside the browser.

Support M-V-VM Development Pattern.
The key advantage of MVVM is the clear separation of the User Interface (View) from the business object and behaviors (ViewModel) and from the data layer (Model). Your code becomes easier to write, read, test, maintain and scale.

ClientUI includes a powerful yet high-performance library to facilitate a real-world M-V-VM pattern application development, including routed events, delegate command, command reference, navigation and dialog box service provider, and an easy-to-use binding library. This enables user interface designers and application developers to focus at what they are best, then quickly snap the two halves into a professional and compelling data-driven business application.

WPF-style Silverlight Development.
Despite being a subset of WPF, building a basic line-of-business Silverlight application could be a tedious task which requires a great deal of effort and codes due to the lack of essential application frameworks such as commanding and MVVM. Revolutionizing the Silverlight development, ClientUI introduces full-featured event routing and commanding framework. Combined with M-V-VM pattern, you can write the logic of a command in a separated layer and bind them through command binding in the view level. No events wiring, no codes rewrite, and no more redundancy.

Accelerate the Speed of Development.
In addition to its innovative library, ClientUI also includes a new level of visual development experiences for your favorite IDEs, Visual Studio 2012 and Microsoft Expression Blend 4. Drag-drop a new instance, directly interact with a visual element, or quickly add items through context menu, the extended designer support lets you rapidly take advantage of ClientUI's innovative tools and deliver mega-sized project in realistic timeframe.

Support Microsoft WCF RIA Services and IdeaBlade DevForce
Beyond beautiful presentation, ClientUI eliminates traditional application pattern and simplifies business application development by providing extended support for modern service-based architecture. All ClientUI data bound controls are able to consume WCF RIA Services and DevForce and take full advantage of each technology”¦s key feature, such as client-side LINQ query in DevForce.

Unlock New World of Rich Experiences.
ClientUI”¦s Silverlight Application Management Framework is the world's first comprehensive and powerful Silverlight framework offering complete application life cycle management, from downloading, installation, to disposal. It eliminates many Silverlight barriers, such as the extensibility limitation, and enables a Silverlight application to load content from external application (XAP) in real time and present them without the need of proxy. Combined with powerful navigation controls and state-of-the-art multiple windowing interface, the ClientUI Application Framework opens a new world of rich user experiences, from iPad-style to do list to desktop-style social application and more.

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