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SoftNAS™ Professional


SoftNAS StorageCenter

Now anyone can configure, control and administer network-attached storage

SoftNAS StorageCenter™ storage management software provides flexible, affordable management, and administration for your shared storage infrastructure. Using StorageCenter, you can quickly configure new storage pools, SSD caching, SSD write-log cache, RAID and hundreds of other capabilities.

Unlike other enterprise-grade storage systems, No training is required to install, configure and administer SoftNAS. Itˇ¦s intuitive, simple yet powerful StorageCenter™ web-based interface is easy enough for a typical IT or Windows administrator, yet also includes a full spectrum of advanced capabilities that storage experts have come to expect.

Key features of StorageCenter™ include:
- Quick-start wizards make initial setup and configuration fast ˇV typically less than 30 minutes from install to full operation
- Fill-in-the-blanks configuration is fast and fool-proof
- Intuitive, web GUI requires no training or certifications to use ˇV just launch from any web browser and go

StorageCenter provides complete storage management and administration, previously only found in more expensive, enterprise-class Big NAS products from the major storage appliance vendors.

SoftNAS SnapReplicate

Powerful replicationˇK in a few mouse clicks!

1. Real-time Backup, Rapid Failover and Disaster Recovery

SnapReplicate is the fastest, easiest way to add powerful storage replication, backup and disaster recovery to your business. It provides real-time block replication for failover and business continuity, and for site-to-site data transfersl e.g., region-to-region data replicas across Amazon EC2 data centers or VMware failover across data centers.

In the first screenshot, you can see a source node and a target node. The data is replicated from the source to the target. The Current Status shows the replication active symbol (the two computers with a blue arrow), along with the green transfer indicator.

2. Scales to Handle Millions of Files Efficiently
Unlike clustered filesystems, SnapReplicate uses block replication, which only sends the changed data blocks across the wire from source to target. Thereˇ¦s never a need to do wasteful, resource-intensive file comparisons, since anytime a fileˇ¦s contents get updated, the copy-on-write filesystem keeps track of which data blocks have changed and only sends the changed blocks between two snapshot markers in time (once per minute).

3. Quick and Easy to Configure
SoftNAS SnapReplicate™ is the fastest, easiest way to quickly configure a complete replication and disaster recovery solution in a matter of 1 minute! Thereˇ¦s no complex scripting, no training manuals or courses to take, no storage consultants to consult ˇV and first-time setup is absolutely fool-proof.

Replication is configured between two SoftNAS controllers ˇV the ˇ§sourceˇ¨ and the ˇ§targetˇ¨ nodes. Setup takes place with just a few mouse clicks. Itˇ¦s so easy because of the 4-step wizard ˇV just fill in a few blanks and all other setup steps take place automatically.

4. No Training Required. And Normal Operation is Fully Automatic.
SnapReplicate relationships are quickly and easily created for disaster recovery, real-time backup and failover ˇV ensuring your data is fully-protected at an off-site location or on another server or VM; e.g., at another data center, a different building or elsewhere in the cloud. SoftNAS streamlines the entire replication setup process, making it fool-proof, quick and easy enough for anyone to configure powerful replication without training.

Configuring SnapReplicate can be completed in less than 1 minute, using the simple 4-step process shown below.

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