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NXPowerLite for PowerPoint (Mac)

Compress PowerPoint files with the latest addition to the NXPowerLite family
When was the last time you tried to email a large PowerPoint file to someone and it wouldn't send? It can be so frustrating. But now there is a new way to solve that problem if you use a Mac.

NXPowerLite is a series of awesome software that works magic by shrinking large files. Our NXPowerLite for PowerPoint product is the first to work only on a Mac and yes, you guessed it, PowerPoint.

So here's the important bit: NXPowerLite will reduce the size of PowerPoint files without degrading the quality of any images held within. Your original file stays the same; we just create a new version of that file that's up to 95% smaller.

How does it work?

PowerPoint files, like lots of other MS files, contain a lot of unnecessary data, stuff like meta data and fast save information, so NXPowerLite removes anything not needed to open the file. NXPowerLite will also work its magic on any images in the file. It・ll save them in the smallest file size without making any noticeable difference to the appearance.

Why should you buy it?

Nobody else in the world makes the same kind of software as we do. Many people think the answer to a file size problem is to zip it. That・s not quite true. Zip is good for performing certain tasks like encryption but it doesn・t reduce PowerPoint files like NXPowerLite can.


It・s easy to add files for optimization; simply browse to the location, select the file and click Optimize. Or you can drag the file onto the NXPowerLite window.

You can even choose where to save the new file - that・s because NXPowerLite won・t overwrite your files. We let you decide if you want to delete the original.

You can also choose how to optimize your files. Do you want to optimize for Screen, Print or Mobile? Each setting offers different levels of optimization depending on what you want to use the file for.

Our flexible settings let you decide how NXPowerLite will work its magic on your files. You can choose the quality and resolution to resize your JPEGs. If you want to flatten any large documents embedded in the PowerPoint, you can tell NXPowerLite to flatten those.

We also let you decide if you want to add a new name to the optimized file so you know which is which.

Minimum requirements

NXPowerLite for PowerPoint is supported on Mac OS X 10.6.x (Snow Leopard) and Mac OS X 10.7.x (Lion). It is also supported in Mac OS X 10.8.x (Mountain Lion) however, in order to install once the DMG is mounted, users may have to open the PKG file using the 'Ctrl' key to bypass the unauthorised developer warning.


English, French, German, Spanish.

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Manufacturer: Neuxpower
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