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dtSearch Web with Spider

dtSearch Web is an out-of-the-box solution for publishing instantly searchable documents in both Web-ready and other formats.

- After a simple wizard-based setup, visitors can instantly search the site¡¦s contents with:

- hit-highlighted display of Web-ready file types such as HTML, PDF and XML, including display of images, formatting and links.
- conversion of other file types ("Office," Unicode, ZIP, etc.) to HTML for browser display with highlighted hits.
- Operating through dtSearch Web, the Spider can expand the scope of the searchable database beyond a site's own data to content on a third-party Web sites (both publicly available and secure), including support for a wide variety of content (HTML, XML, ASP.NET, MS CMS, SharePoint, etc.) and WYSWYG hit highlighted displays.
- The product includes numerous customization options, so all aspects of the dtSearch Web display can match the style of the rest of the site.
- Click here for a demo site showing dtSearch Web functionality. Included in the demo are:

- display of HTML and PDF with highlighted hits as well as embedded links and images.
- support for searching (using the full range of dtSearch features) across an entire XML database, or limited to a specific combination of fields or sub-fields.
- distributed searching capabilities using the dtSearch Spider.

Instantly Search Terabytes of Text

dtSearch document filters support a broad range of data

- Supports MS Office through current versions (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), OpenOffice, ZIP, HTML, XML/XSL, PDF and more
- Supports Exchange, Outlook, Thunderbird and other popular email types, including nested and ZIP attachments
- Spider supports public and secure, static and dynamic (ASP.NET, SharePoint, CMS, PHP, etc.) web data
- APIs for SQL-type data, including BLOB data
- Highlights hits in all supported data types

25+ full-text and fielded data search options

- Federated searching
- Special forensics search options
- Advanced data classification objects

APIs for C++, Java and .NET through current versions

- 64-bit and 32-bit Win / Linux APIs; .NET Spider API
- Document filters also available for separate licensing

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