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ShieldUI for ASP.NET MVC

The ShieldUI suite for ASP.NET MVC offers the same set of feature rich and fast controls wrapped for MVC. You can quickly setup and deploy any of our controls in any MVC view and bind it to a model.
All of this, in the comfort of Visual Studio, taking advantage of IntelliSense and the control¡¦s intuitive API and architecture.

ShieldUI Chart

Our HTML5 and JavaScript chart is a fast, feature-rich data visualization control. It offers over 20 different chart types and flexible API for additional customization.
More information on its features can be found here. You can also review our demos to see the control in action.

ShieldUI Barcodes

The ShieldUI one-dimensional barcode suite offers easy and intuitive barcode rendering and data encoding.
You can see all available barcode types here, or view their demos here.

ShieldUI QR Code

The ShieldUI QR component is a two-dimensional qrcode library, which offers fast and intuitive encoding for the most popular barcode component on the web.
Its full specifications are available in this page, and its demos can be seen here.

Customizable layout

Whether you want to achieve a complex interaction layout with many series, or need a simple, lightweight trend presentation, the MVC components covers all needs.

Client-side events

Shield controls for MVC provide a rich set of client-side events that developers can handle through JavaScript. When working with the ASP.NET MVC server helpers, our controls provide a convenient mechanism for hooking up JavaScript event handlers in your views.

Client-side events

Whether you are consuming data from a complex model, or want to bind a control to a simple IEnumerable object, our components have it all. The intuitive API allows you to quickly connect to your data and jump-start your data visualization.

Mobile and browser support

Our components works on all browsers ¡V desktop or mobile. You can use the same version of the control on any device and browser.

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