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NuSphere PhpDOCK 2.0 for Windows

PhpDock is a deployment platform for PHP applications.

PhpDock enables you to deploy any PHP web application as a Stand Alone Windows Desktop application w/o any changes in the code.

PhpDock combines NuSphere's powerful embeded Srv webserver and browser components.

PhpDock is another important PHP Tool in NuSphere PHP Tools set providing support for the entire PHP Software development cycle:
- Develop, edit and debug PHP Applications with PhpED - NuSphere PHP IDE
- Encode PHP code with NuCoder - NuSphere powerful PHP encoder, protecting you Intellectual Property from any abuse
- Speed up PHP Applications with PhpExpress - NuSphere commercial PHP Accelerator, available for commercial use for FREE
- Deploy PHP Applications with any Webserver using PHP IDE publishing toolsor deliver them straight to your users desktops with PhpDock

With PhpDock, your php applications will work right out of the box. There's no need to provide long and complicated instructions on Apache and Php installation to your clients. PhpDock site license lets you distribute this deployment solution along with your php applications to provide easy and comprehensive installation and instant functioning of your php scripts.

All you need to do is place PHP scripts in the document root directory of PhpDock - now your users can run your PHP web application without the webserver, browser or even Internet connection at all.

Deployment tools for PHP Applications overview: PhpDock Features

PhpDock is a Web Server and Web Browser combined in one, small executable, capable of both running PHP scripts and rendering resulting HTML in the application Window. With PhpDock you can deploy the same PHP or HTML application both on the central Web Server and on each client as a Desktop application.

Running PHP Applications

Even though it is less than 1mb in size, PhpDock provides Web Server capable of fully running PHP and serving over 140 other types of files.

Configuring PHP Applications

PhpDock provides configuration file, which gives you control over running PHP scripts and browser behavior.

Sample Application supplied with PhpDock

PhpDock installation program also installs PhpDock Currency Converter - simple but very educational PHP Application, which uses PHP NuSoap webservices class to get currency exchange rates and provides the User Interface for currency conversion. PhpDock Currency Converter PHP Application is deployed with PhpDock and works in both on-line and off-line mode. Currency Converter is developed in PhpEDPHP IDE, using PhpED's NuSoap Client andDB Connection client.

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