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JetBrians WebStorm

Web Coding Made Smarter
We've collected some of the most exciting features that the WebStorm IDE provide. Just the top of the iceberg. Read the sections below, scan the screenshots and download the product to try it in action.

- DOM-Based, Browser-Specific Completion
- Code Navigation and Usages Search
- ECMAScript Harmony Support
- CoffeeScript & TypeScript
- Node.js
- JavaScript Refactoring
- JavaScript Unit Testing
- Code Inspections and Quick-Fixes
- JSLint/JSHint
- JavaScript Debugger

More Than Code
- Code Inspection
- Language Mixing/Injection
- Spellchecker
- Smart Duplicated Code Detector

- HTML5 Support
- Validation and Quick-Fixes
- Zen Coding & Emmet
- Show Content
- Show Applied Styles
- LESS, Sass and Stylus

Smart Environment
- HTML5 Boilerplate and other Web Application Templates
- FTP and Remote Files Syncronization
- Version Control Systems Integration
- Local History

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Manufacturer: JetBrains
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