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JetBrians PyCharm

The intelligent Python IDE with unique code assistance and analysis, for productive Python development on all levels.

Python Code Editor

Intelligent Code Editor
- Syntax highlighting
- Auto-Indentation and code formatting
- Code completion
- Line and block commenting
- On-the-fly error highlighting
- Code snippets
- Code folding

Easy Code Navigation & Search
- Go to class / file / symbol
- Go to declaration
- Find Usages

Code Analysis
- Quick-fixes

Configurable language injections
Language injections allow you to natively edit non-Python code, which is embedded into string literals, with code completion, error-highlighting, and other coding assistance features.

Python Refactoring
Rename refactoring allows to perform global code changes safely and instantly. Local changes within a file are performed in-place. Refactorings work in plain Python and Django projects.

- Quick definition / documentation view
- External documentation view
- Epydoc and reStructuredText

Django IDE + JavaScript, HTML

Django Templates Editing
- Code completion
- Quick documentation lookup
- Inspections

Django-Specific Code and Files
- Code insight
- Special coding assistance
- Internationalization (i18n)

Other Templating Languages
Mako and Jinja2 can also be used for any project with syntax highlighting, code completion, formatting, quick navigation and Structure view.

Django Templates Debugging
PyCharm allows setting breakpoints inside Django templates. Stop your web application right where you need,
for a detailed code step through.

CoffeeScript & TypeScript
PyCharm offers a powerful CoffeeScript & TypeScript editor with features like syntax highlighting with error checking, code completion and coding assistance, code formatting and quick navigation.

JavaScript Debugger
The JavaScript debugger (in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers) is included into PyCharm and is integrated with the Django server run configuration.

Run, Debug, Test

Run Your Code
You can run any Python file. Just right-click what you need to run and select 'Run '.

Environment Management
PyCharm allows easily configure the required Python environment for your project, be it local, remote interpreter or a virtualenv.

Python/Django Debugger
Smart Step Into action in the debugger, allows you to select a call to step into, when the current line contains multiple method calls.
Create quickly using a special dialog and easily launch tasks defined inside

Test Your Code
PyCharm IDE lets you run your tests: a test file, a single test class, a method, or all tests in a folder. You can observe results in graphical test runner with execution statistics and simple test-code navigation.

Google App Engine & other Frameworks & Libraries
- Python Development for GAE
- Pyramid
- Cython
- SQLAlchemy
- web2py
- Python Desktop Development

Integrated Development Environment
- Embedded local terminal
- Version Control Integration
- Keyboard Schemes / Vim Emulation
- Issue Trackers Integration
- Customizable UI
- Editor Color Themes
- Plugins

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