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JetBrians dotTrace

Leading Profiling Tool for .NET Applications

dotTrace is a family of performance and memory profilers for .NET applications

Performance Profiling
- Top-class technology support
- Local or remote profiling
- Estimation of performance gains
- Server-scale snapshot support
- On-demand profiling
- Convenient data representation
- Comparing snapshots
- Versatile profiling modes
- Annotating snapshots
- Profiling SDK
- Quick function info
- Search and navigation
- Integration with Visual Studio
- Filtering and formatting
- Code preview options
- Profiling unit tests
- Folding calls

Folding calls
- Any .NET Framework version
- Convenient data representation
- Find objects by class
- Memory profiling modes
- Merging connected objects
- Finalized objects

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Manufacturer: JetBrains
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