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JetBrians dotCover

dotCover is a .NET unit testing and code coverage tool that works right
in Visual Studio, provides great ways to visualize code coverage information, and is Continuous Integration ready. Read on for more details.

.NET Code Coverage Analysis
dotCover calculates and reports statement-level code coverage in .NET Framework 1.0 to 4.5 applications, as well as in Silverlight 4 and 5.

dotCover makes sure that developers know to what extent their code is covered with unit tests. It also helps QA engineers test software products as thoroughly as possible.

Currently dotCover integrates into four versions of the IDE: Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2013.

Visual Studio Integration
dotCover is a plug-in to Visual Studio, giving you the advantage of analyzing and visualizing code coverage without leaving the code editor.

Running and Managing Unit Tests
dotCover comes bundled with a unit test runner that it shares with another JetBrains .NET developer tool, ReSharper.

Unit Test Coverage
A major use case of dotCover is analyzing unit test coverage ˇXthat is, finding out which parts of application business logic are covered with unit tests, and which are not

Navigation to Covering Tests
dotCover provides a shortcut to detect which tests cover a particular location in code. You can navigate from a pop-up that lists covering tests to any of these tests.

Coverage Highlighting in Visual Studio
To visualize coverage data, dotCover can highlight covered and uncovered lines of code right in Visual Studio code editor.

Filtering and Excluding Nodes
Sometimes, you don't want to know coverage data solution-wide. For example, you may not be interested in coverage statistics for code marked with ObsoleteAttribute or a specific legacy project.

In this case you can set global or solution-specific coverage filters based on project, namespace, type, or type member names. Attribute filters are also available that restrict gathering coverage information to code marked (or not marked) with certain attributes.

Code Coverage for Manual Testing
As an alternative to unit test coverage, dotCover can run coverage analysis upon .NET applications executed from Visual Studio

Continuous Coverage Analysis
dotCover is a great fit with Continuous Integration servers, most prominently JetBrains' own product, TeamCity.

First of all, via TeamCity add-in to Visual Studio, dotCover is able to obtain coverage data from a TeamCity server ˇX without running coverage analysis on a local machine.

Multiple Report Formats
dotCover helps process coverage data the way you need. Exporting to several formats, including HTML, XML, JSON, and XML for NDepend enables you to share coverage reports with the rest of the team or pass coverage information to external services

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