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GroupDocs.Annotation for Java Library

Let End Users Annotate Documents from Your Java App!
GroupDocs.Annotation for Java is a lightweight document annotation library that allows you to easily enhance your Java app with document viewing and annotation capabilities. Key benefits include:

Multiple Document Formats Support
GroupDocs.Annotation supports more than 45 document formats, including PDF, Microsoft Office and OpenDocument files, plain text documents, CAD and raster images. Using the library you can seamlessly enable end users to view, annotate, share and print all these formats from within your Java app.

Native Text Rendering
GroupDocs.Annotation can both rasterize documents and convert them to a combination of HTML, CSS and SVG, based on HTML5 technology. The last option allows documents to be rendered as real text files, meaning users can select, mark up, strikeout and comment on selected text within a document.

Easy Integration
There is no need to install any 3rd party software or plugins either server- or client-side. GroupDocs.Annotation can be easily installed on the server using a packaged JAR file or hosted within your own servlet container.

Customizable UI
GroupDocs.Annotation comes with a web-based UI, which allows users to seamlessly view and annotate documents from within your own app. The UI can be integrated with just a few lines of JavaScript code or an iframe and can be easily customized to fit you app's look and style.

Works Across All Major Platforms
Breaking through platform incompatibilities, GroupDocs.Annotation allows end users to view and annotate documents from any web-enabled device, including tablets and mobiles, without having to install native apps. Supported browsers include: IE (8+), Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari 5+ and their mobile versions.

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