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ShortKeys is a Windows text replacement utility designed to help you type faster and more accurately. Create abbreviations (shortkeys) for longer words and phrases ˇV which will save you time and ultimately money.
To use, just define a shortkey for a longer text string, such as tvm for Thank you very much.

Now instead of typing Thank you very much, just type tvm into any Windows application and ShortKeys will do the rest, instantly replacing the shortkey abbreviation with the longer text string. Create any number of shortkeys and type faster than ever!

Using ShortKeys
Countless Uses. As you start using ShortKeys youˇ¦ll soon discover how much you begin to rely on it. Use ShortKeys for:

  1. Personal info - name, address, phone number, email address and greetings

  2. Reduce repetitive strain and carpal tunnel syndrome

  3. Auto-correct commonly misspelled words

  4. Support center responses and answers

  5. Medical transcription

  6. Online grading and comments for teachers

  7. Boilerplate text - medical, dental, legal, banking, real estate, blogs and others

  8. Sales quotes and follow-ups

  9. Customer responses

  10. And much more!

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Manufacturer: Insight Software Solutions
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