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Arction LightningChart

The highest performance on the market

LightningChart is entirely GPU accelerated and performance optimized charting components for presenting massive amounts of data - more than 1 Billion data points real-time.
It is developed for professional high-speed software dealing with real-time data acquisition and representation, utilizing CPU and memory resources efficiently. This provides an unmatched performance to your application, which means:
Real-time monitoring without flickering or delays
High-resolution datasets
Efficient use of machine resources
Ability to render data with older machine hardware, maintaining all advantages mentioned above

For the most demanding developers
LightningChart includes a wide range of 2D, advanced 3D, Polar, Smith, 3D pies / donuts, Geographic maps & G.I.S. charts and Volume Rendering feature for science, engineering, medicine, aerospace, trading, energy and other fields.
Along with an outstanding performance, LightningChart offers fully customizable tools and flexibility to the .NET developers within different industries.
Our technical support team is known for its ability to handle every challenge from our clients, so you will receive an unlimited dedicated support during your active subscription.

General Information
Full mouse-interaction, touch screen support, custom mouse interactivity extensions
Cursors and Annotations, data colorizing with color palette, and full customizability of components
Data breaking by NaN or other specified breaking value, in selected series types
Numeric, Time, DateTime, Logarithmic, Geographic Coordinate System (GCS) and Custom axis scales
Professional 5-star technical support & Hundreds of chart examples

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Manufacturer: Arction
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